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Grow Your Wealth with Long-Term Rental Properties

Long Term Rental Landlord Services Suite

Evergreen Investments’ one-stop-shop model gives investors all the tools, resources, and support necessary to succeed as a landlord. We work with you to build the perfect solution for your particular situation.

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Listing, Leasing, and Tenant Management

Reduce worry about who lives in your home. We market rental properties to find potential tenants quickly and perform criminal background screenings, credit checks, rental history reporting, and employment verification on applicants to ensure reliable tenant placement. Once placed, we can provide rent collection, lease enforcement, and eviction services in the unfortunate situation a tenant needs to be removed from your property.
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Marketing Assets

Achieve a higher rental rate at the quickest speed with regularly updated expert marketing assets. Give your potential renters the info they desire – points of interest, access to entertainment, travel resources, and more to make your marketing assets more dynamic. Provide interactive tools to create a more engaging user experience: digital walkthroughs, room design software, and more.
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Property Upkeep

Ensure the condition of your property remains protected. Our team handles property maintenance, from daily operations to emergency repairs, all done by licensed and insured vendors.
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Legal Compliance

Gain assistance on tax & licensing paperwork, current state laws (covering deposits, rent, entry, termination, late rent notices, and more), lease & rental agreement preparation, evictions, and other legal compliance landlords face.
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Financial Reporting

Keep tabs on your current and future rental properties with expert market analysis, secure the rental value of current and future properties with rental rate surveys, get guidance on potential cash deduction to reduce personal taxes, track the performance of your property financials, and other measures to maximize the return on your investment.
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Investment Planning

Create a long term plan with real estate investment advisor support: gain assistance in locating income-producing on/off-market properties, get a high-level overview of your portfolio, gain critical insight into current market conditions, request demographic studies to guide decision making, and receive more strategies to help strengthen your investment strategy.


Evergreen Investments provides our clients with Brokerage Services, Property Management, and Investor Support Services to acquire, manage, and sell their real estate. Our solutions are completely custom, meaning we create a solution that perfectly fits your needs.
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Invest Smarter Today

Gain comprehensive advisement to increase equity, reduce the cost of ownership, and identify cash generating ideas that create desirable returns from your home ownership.

Local Expertise,

Nationwide Reach


Our services extend across the country, giving you endless options and opportunities, but with the ease of working with a single organization.


Your Way

Only pay for what you need. Our a la carte solution was designed with the modern investor in mind & allows you to craft a package of services that align with your unique needs.



Our advanced data provides investors with the ability to generate real-time insights & predictions that maximize value and guide informed decisions for sustainable growth.

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