,Knowledge is power, so why not brush up on your knowledge by listening to real estate ivnesting podcasts.  Each podcast packs unique perspectives, stories, and advice that are relevant to real estate investing. You can listen to each of these podcasts on your way to work or during work, and that’s the beauty of podcasts- they’re easy to listen to, require minimal effort and yield maximum results (every investor’s goal, right?).


BiggerPockets Podcast

Learn about strategies that have been tried and tested by successful real-estate entrepreneurs and investors. Each week hosts, Brandon Turner and David Greene interview special guests who talk about the lessons they’ve learned throughout their careers. This podcast is great if you need an extra dose of inspiration or a fresh perspective on real estate investing!

Give The BiggerPockets Podcast a listen here 





The Epic Real Estate Investing Show

Entrepreneur, author, and real estate investor Matt Theriault discuss many strategies needed to succeed in real estate investment. His unconventional and creative approach are what keep listeners coming back for more!

Check out The Epic Real Estate Investing Show here




Virtual Real Estate Investor

This podcast is great for new and seasoned real estate investors who want to explore new approaches to investing.  Real estate investor, Vincent Polisi, uses his 25 years of experience to offer unique investing advice. Each episode concludes with a strong action item to work on for the week!


REI 360

The founders of HardMoneyBankers, Chris Haddon and Jason Balin explore real estate investing, marketing, tech, current events, and more! Check out this podcast if you’re interested in gaining new lessons, tips, and tricks from experienced real estate investors.




Real Estate News for Investors

 Tired of trying to keep up with all of the news relatives to the market? We’re betting you are, so check out this podcast! It covers the latest industry news including new regulations, upcoming laws, and recent economic events. It highlights how each of these events will affect the real estate industry as a whole.

Tune into Real Estate News for Investors Podcast here


Old Dawgs REI Network with Bill Manassero

The Old Dawg’s REI Podcast is great for those who are interested in generating increased cash flow for their retirement years.  This podcast provides tools for how to launch and sustain a real estate investment business.

Listen to Old Dawgs REI Network with Bill Manassero here




We hope that these podcasts offer some fresh insight and excitement to your real estate career and investments! If you would like any additional advice or resources, or if you would like to explore investment opportunities click the ‘Let’s Talk’ button on the top right of our menu! 


Here’s to thriving together!

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