Wholesale Solutions

Quick Returns Without Significant Up-Front Capital

Wholesale Services


Wholesaling properties delivers quick returns and allow for individuals to invest in real estate without significant up-front capital, but developing a wholesale strategy requires vast knowledge of local markets, sophisticated data resources & analysis skills, strong investor relationships, master negotiating skills, and marketing expertise.

Evergreen Investments provides wholesalers with the tools, data, services, and support to identify desirable properties, quickly evaluate and analyze opportunities, ​and visibility into the desired market.

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Investor Network Marketing

Speed up the transaction process by tapping into our extensive network of residential real estate advisors who are ready to jump on the right properties. Our nationwide reach of investors extends to renovators, institutional investors, landlords, and more.

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Property Analysis

Unlock value and ensure you’re pursuing the highest profit-yielding wholesale opportunities. Our comprehensive Property Analysis will measure expected profit, pinpoint renovation costs for the eventual buyer, determine the After-Repair-Value, and more to better support a successful wholesale deal.

*** Fast-track your contract decision-making process with our Expedited Analysis & Evaluation Service. Same critical data, but at a rapid pace so you can close deals at lightning speed.

Investment Planning

Maximize cash flow and equity growth with a personalized plan specific to your situation. Our expert team of Real Estate Investment Advisors takes our analytical approach, in-depth knowledge, and expert research to create custom solutions, just for you.


Evergreen Investments provides our clients with Brokerage Services, Property Management, and Investor Support Services to acquire, manage, and sell their real estate. Our solutions are completely custom, meaning we create a solution that perfectly fits your needs.

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Invest Smarter Today

Gain comprehensive investment advisement to increase equity, reduce the cost of ownership, and identify income generation strategies that create maximum returns from your real estate assets.

Local Expertise,

Nationwide Reach


Our services extend across the country, giving you endless options and opportunities, but with the ease of working with a single organization.


Your Way

Only pay for what you need. Our a la carte solution was designed with the modern investor in mind & allows you to craft a package of services that align with your unique needs.



Our advanced data provides investors with the ability to generate real-time insights & predictions that maximize value and guide informed decisions for sustainable growth.

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