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The Power of Investing in Home Ownership

Homeowner Services


When you own a home, you invest in your future. The choices for homeowners are endless, and often force individuals to make uninformed decisions on whether to buy, stay, or sell. Evergreen Investments empowers homeowners with the data, strategies, and knowledge to discover their options and drive superior decision-making.

We’re dedicated to clarity and transparency in providing a high level of service to ensure the satisfaction of our valued clients.

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Buying Real Estate

Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime. We provide an unparalleled and personalized buying experience for each of our clients.


  • Gain expert representation for on and off-market property acquisition
  • Move into a new market with ease and expertise
  • Identify properties that will produce the highest return on your investment
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Investment Services For Homeowners

You buy a house, live in it, sell it when you’re ready, and get all that money invested back from the sale, right? Wrong. How you manage your home is what determines whether you get every dollar put in back, or even more.


  • Create returns from your residential real estate assets by our professional investment principles
  • Receive the knowledge and resources necessary to manage your real estate assets
  • Guarantee maximum return on every dollar invested with
    homeowner tools
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Tax Optimization

Tax planning is essential for homeowners who are looking to enhance the advantages of home ownership. Our investment advisory team can educate you on housing behaviors that provide tax breaks, but also those that increase tax costs to better guide your tax strategy.


  • Gain advisory services for strategic tax planning and support
  • Maximize tax savings opportunities
  • Get money back from taxes paid on sold property
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Selling Real Estate

Our seller solutions offer a stress-free, no-drama experience, from day 1 all the way to the closing table. In addition to having a laser focus on pricing and presenting your home properly to the open market, we go past the outdated methods other agents use to get your home sold for your best price and terms.


  • Reach potential buyers through targeted marketing efforts
  • Match your property with local real estate investors ready to purchase a home today
  • Work with the experts in advisory, marketing, and support
  • Secure creative seller solutions and strategies for sellers who don’t fit the traditional selling mold


Evergreen Investments provides our clients with Brokerage Services, Property Management, and Investor Support Services to acquire, manage, and sell their real estate. Our solutions are completely custom, meaning we create a solution that perfectly fits your needs.

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Brokerage >

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Property Management >

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Investor Support Services >



Unlock your property’s potential


A Comprehensive dashboard of data backed asset management calculations, discounted acquisition services, a home management application, discounts on property management and brokerage services, a monthly market insights with success predictors, coupled with a financial literacy course that assist owners on increasing cash flow and growing the returns from their residential properties.



Ideal for maximizing real estate profits


A Real Estate Asset Payment (Pay-Out) Service that quickly sells residential real estate into cash preserving higher returns from your investment journey than other liquidation services.



Expert guidance and services


A Suite Of Services that get users acclimated to home-ownership as an investment vehicle. Service offerings include financial literacy suite course, home management application, monthly insights with success predictors, discount on brokerage and property management services, and a home management application to provide ownership management and operational updates of every system and appliance in your homes.


Growth Package

Designed to help property owners navigate the complexities of real estate investment. We provide financial education and connections to help you make informed decisions about your investments. Our team of investment experts offers analysis to determine wwhether to hold, sell, or exchange your property.


Our growth package includes home ownership and maintenance education. We provide you with a maintenance plan and home warranty to ensure your property is well preserved and protected.


Our Site Analysis covers crucial data to help you understand your potential tentants. It covers everything including who lives in your neighborhood, what events happen nearby, if there are great places for shopping, and what careets are thriving in that area. We also use data to determine which upgrades will bring you a higher rental rate.


For investors, our package includes unique data to evalute rental properties, like local investor activity, net operating income, and potential rental market-ready renovation costs. We compare the potential risks in an area where you are considering your economic return versus market demographics and economic data. Some of these risks can include crime, environmental hazards, and economic downturns.


We also offer guidance on determining rental rates, forecasting cash flow, and evaluation against industry metrics to find similiar properties in the local market of choice.


Our growth package includes a cash flow projection providing 1 or 2 options besides your primary investment objective to help regulate your property’s ROI if the original plan doesn’t work as planned.


The last perk of this package is a customizable Dashboard that can be accessed one time or annually. It can be used for one property or a portfoliom providing a centralized location for all your property and investment data.


Trust our Growth package to help you make informed and profitable real estate investment decisions.



Introducing the REAP package, the ultimate solution for anyone looking to buy their dream home with confidence and ease. This package includes a comprehensive suite of services that will guide you through every step of the home buying process.


Our expert buyer brokerage service will ensure that you find the perfect home at the best possible price. Our team of experienced Investment agents will work tirelessly to help you find a property that meets your unique needs and budget.


The REAP package also includes financial education and lender pre-approval to ensure that you are financially ready for the home buying process. Our financial experts will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to make informed decisions about your finances and secure the best possible mortgage.


But that’s not all – we also provide home-ownership and maintenance education to help you maintain your new home and avoid costly repairs. Our maintenance plan and home warranty ensure that you are protected against unexpected repairs and maintenance costs, giving you peace of mind and a worry-free home-ownership experience.


With the REAP package, you’ll have everything you need to make your dream of home-ownership a reality. Don’t let the stress and uncertainty of the home buying process hold you back – choose REAP and take the first step towards your new home today.


Presenting our all-inclusive Secure package! Designed to help home buyers navigate the complex process of purchasing a home. Our team of experienced Investment agents provides unparalleled service, ensuring that you find the perfect home that meets your needs and budget.


Our package includes financial education to help you make informed decisions about your home purchase. We offer guidance on understanding mortgage rates, loan types, and financing options, so you can make the best decisions for your financial situation. The Secure Package also includes home ownership and maintenance education to ensure that you are prepared to care for your new home. We provide a maintenance plan and home warranty to protect your investment while giving you peace of mind.


The Secure package gives you access to a network of trusted service providers, including inspectors, contractors, and tradesmen, to make the home buying process as seamless as possible. Our team will provide you with personalized service and expert guidance every step of the way. With our Secure package, you can feel confident in your home buying decisions and enjoy the benefits of home ownership for years to come.

Invest Smarter Today

Gain comprehensive investment advisement to increase equity, reduce the cost of ownership, and identify income generation strategies that create maximum returns from your real estate assets.

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