Buyer Solutions

Whether you’re a new home buyer, a seasoned investor, or somewhere in the middle, Evergreen Investments is here to help you gain the knowledge necessary to confidently move forward toward your real estate investment goals. Buying a home is typically the largest purchase a person will make in their lifetime, so it’s critical to approach home buying for what it is … an investment. Evergreen Investments helps buyers purchase properties with an outlook toward the future by providing strategies focused on the investment from the very beginning.

Find Your Next Property

by discovering opportunities from both listed properties (on-market properties) and opportunities that are not listed but still available for purchase (off-market resales)

On-Market Properties

Create a custom search based on your unique needs.

Your home search can be simplified by completing our Home Buyer’s Survey. Once we receive your purchase criteria a filtered search will be prepared to match   you to available deals in preferred areas. 

Off-Market Properties

Explore purchase opportunities not found on the MLS.

Hundreds of rare, hidden investment properties are bought and sold off-market every day. Our Daily Dose of Deals allows you to uncover hard to find homes across the nation with their estimated rehab costs, resale, and rental values. 

Asset Classes

Demonstrated success across a variety of residential investment categories

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Single Family

A simple illustration of a single multi-family home.


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The Evergreen Investments Difference

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Auction Representation

Real Estate Auctions create unique income and portfolio growth opportunities for investors but come with great risk if not properly represented. Evergreen Investments’ full-service auction acquisition process offers auction property evaluation, a complete analysis of properties and investor needs, bidding strategy advisement, and legal support.

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Transition Into New Markets  

Growing a portfolio is the real estate investor’s goal. Evergreen Investments’ proven new market entry strategy is backed by industry-leading research, invaluable experience, advanced property & market data analysis, and state-of-the-art technology, giving investors the tools necessary to make intelligent investment decisions and broaden their reach into lucrative markets.

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Market Reports

Developed using the most accurate, complete, and organized data reflecting key metrics related to each specific property in your portfolio, our Market Reports highlight multiple ways to unlock value from potential assets while providing regular updates that indicate the market conditions impacting that asset. You can make intelligent executive decisions as market conditions start to change, not after the moment has passed.

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