Apps That All Real Estate Investors Need

Real Estate investing takes a lot of time, energy, and hard work- so why not utilize tools that will make your life a little easier and help your investments run a little smoother. Here are our top app recommendations for every real estate investor.

Make Smarter Connections: ROI’s List

Roi’s List is like a dating app, but for real estate investors. The app allows you to create a profile, identify your target audience, and identify the investment opportunities that you’re looking for. Based of this information, the app will match you to investors with similar needs and investment goals.

Roi’s List is a great way to build up a list of contacts effortlessly and easily- once you create a profile the app will do most of the work for you. With Roi’s List deals are easy to make and easy to manage- the process is simple. You are also able to message connections and turn those messages into deals!

Why We Recommend Roi’s List

  • The app allows you to expand your network in a quick and easy way.
  • Roi’s List helps you determine a target market based on your location and investment needs
  • Once you are matched with a new connection making a deal is easy because both parties have similar wants

Our Tips

  • Have an introductory message drafted & ready to go to send when you make a new connection. Then copy, paste, and customize your message before sending it out to a new connection.
  • Once you make a connection, and if the contact is the right fit, add the contact to your CRM- knock out two birds with two stones!

Download Roi’s List

Quick Calculations: DealCheck

DealCheck is a great tool to use for fast and easy calculations and analysis’. The app estimates cash flow and returns for rental properties, flips, and commercial buildings in seconds. You can import properties directly from MLS and have the analysis back in seconds. You can also customize different variables depending on the property. You can customize property taxes, insurance, property management fees, and maintenance fees. The customization feature is what makes DealCheck so convenient and accurate.

There are 2 versions of DealCheck. The ‘Starter’ version is free and includes 10 property analysis’ a month. The Pro version is only $7 a month and includes unlimited property analysis.

Why We Recommend DealCheck

  • DealCheck is an easy and convenient tool. It can quickly analyze properties when you are short on time or are away from the office.
  • The app is affordable and effective. The free version has tons of useful features, so we recommend starting with the free version to see if the tool matches your investment needs.

Our Tips

  • DealCheck is great as a baseline analysis and is usually pretty accurate. However, always double-check the analysis and perform your own calculations when considering a deal.
  • Use DealCheck to cross-check your property analysis’ and calculations.

Download DealCheck

Quality Photos: Curb Appeal

As you know, quality photos are essential for gaining property traction. CurbAppeal is a great tool to take high-quality property photos. CurbAppeal is much more than a standard camera. It includes a straightening tool, an HDR (high dynamic range) tool– which balances the brightness in a photo, a level tool to ensure that the photo is level and aligned, and a steady shot feature- so no more blurry photos and wasted shots.

Once you’ve taken property photos the app allows you to sort through photos and put them in the order you wish for them to be presented. You can also hide unwanted photos, and resize and edit photos within the app. CurbAppeal has a video feature that allows you to create video presentations with your photos.

Why We Recommend CurbAppeal

  • CurbAppeal allows you to take quality photos and edit them all in one place- no more emailing or airdropping photos to other devices to simply edit them.
  • The app is user-friendly and easy to use- no steep learning curve here.

Our Tips

  • DealCheck is great as a baseline analysis and is usually pretty accurate. However, always double-check the analysis and perform your own calculations when considering a deal.
  • Use DealCheck to cross-check your property analysis’ and calculations.

Tracking Global Trends: CBRE Global Cash Flows

CBRE allows users to track cash flows in cities across the world. This is a great tool for planning future investment opportunities and for keeping up with global industry trends. The app offers a comprehensive analysis of major cities and offers users a simple way to study global cash flows and helps users determine the most attractive real estate investment opportunities across the globe. CBRE allows you to focus on certain markets and save the data for future use. The app’s data includes current and historical data within each market and even has a currency market rate conversion tool.

Why We Recommend CBRE

  • CBRE makes tracking global markets simple and easy. The app allows users to browse global market trends and make predictions about their local markets based on global trends.
  • If you aren’t a global real estate investor it is still a good idea to keep up with worldwide market trends and the CBRE Global Cash Flows app is an easy way to do so.

Our Tips

  • Bookmark your favorite markets so you can easily find them and track them. Bookmarking also allows you to view properties offline for when you are out of the office or do not have wifi/cell service.

Download CBRE

What are your favorite real estate investment apps?
What apps do you want to try?
Let us know in the comments below!

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