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You want to get the highest return on your rental property. Adding smart home automation can help you to accomplish this goal. We’ll explore just a few of the many ways you benefit from making these changes, and we have some specific smart home automation to consider for your rental property.


Why Add Smart Tech to Your Rental Property?

Increase Your Returns

Smart home automation add convenience and appeal to your rental property. Some of them even enhance the décor. On a practical note, these additions justify charging a higher amount of rent. Furthermore, many smart tech items can actually save you money in the long run.

Get Better Tenants

When you have smart technology, you’ll attract tenants who are willing to pay for the extra convenience. They’ll appreciate the effort you put into adding modern amenities. And in response, these tenants are more likely to care responsibly for your property.

Reduce Risk and LossA security camera on the side of a house.

Smart home automations reduce your risk of loss in a variety of ways. Smart thermostats boost the energy efficiency of a home. So, whether you cover utility costs, or your tenant pays them, savings are available.

Smart locks can prevent break-ins that result in property damage and stolen items. In addition, they’re a convenience, giving you easy access to your property without worrying about a lost key. They are also helpful for easy entry when showing your home to potential tenants.

Smart smoke detectors not only alert your tenants of a fire, but they also detect a fire right away. Early fire detection can reduce damage and loss from a fire. This makes sense whether you own one rental property or dozens.

Make Your Property More Marketable with Smart Home Automation

A rental property boasting a collection of smart home automation is going to catch the eye of many potential tenants. In fact, more and more people consider smart technology a must-have in a home. Having several items of smart technology puts your property in its best light and gives you an advantage over your competitors.


Types of Smart Home Automations to Add to Your Rental Property

Bluetooth LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are well-known for saving energy and reducing electricity bills. A Bluetooth LED bulb adds another layer of savings and convenience to the picture.

A Bluetooth LED bulb can be controlled via an app on a phone. Bluetooth is built into the design of the light bulb. This technology allows you to turn the lights on and off or set them on a timer. Also, you can adjust the bulb’s brightness or even its color depending on the type you purchase. Your tenants can enjoy the level of lighting they want while keeping the electric bill under control.

These smart lights make it easy for your tenant to turn off a light they left on when rushing out the door or turn on a light for a late return home. The conveniences offered by Bluetooth LED lights are endless.


A USB charging station in a modern living room.USB Ports in the Bedroom, Kitchen, and Living Room Plugs

USB ports are becoming a very familiar sight in many rental homes. Putting them in your home’s kitchen, living room, and bedroom adds an extra element of convenience and connectivity for your tenants. They don’t have to go to one particular room in order to hook up their phone or other device.

With this technology, household members don’t have to share the same USB port. Different residents can work online, play music, or watch movies using their own USB port.

A USB port in a nightstand is an especially favorable option if you have property available for a short-term, furnished rental. There are lots of stylish nightstands with built-in USB ports available to suit the décor of your home.

Alarm Systems, Video Systems, and Ring Doorbell

A lot of smart home automations focus on the security of a home. They allow the members of a household to know who is at the door without ever opening it. This can be especially attractive to tenants with young children. The Ring doorbell is one of the best-known of these security devices. They tackle the double duty of protecting the home and the people inside it. The Ring doorbell is easy to install without the help of a professional.

Alarms and video systems allow you to keep an eye on your rental property when it’s unoccupied as well. You can quickly alert police if there’s a trespasser or if someone is trying to break into your home.

A video system gives you a record of who is on your property. This can be helpful if damage occurs or there’s a disturbance of some kind. Your smart technology stays on guard 24/7 for both you and your tenants.

Smart Thermostat  A smart thermostat on the wall as a smart home automation.

A smart thermostat is easy to set up and use. It’s one of the most beneficial items of technology you can install in your rental property.

By programming the thermostat in a home, you are ensuring your home’s HVAC system is performing at its most energy-efficient. This results in savings on the energy bill.

Potential tenants who see that you have a smart thermostat know they’ll be living in a home with a comfortable atmosphere. This can be a very important point especially if you own property in a climate with extreme weather conditions.

Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

When you install smart smoke detectors in your rental home it gives your tenants peace of mind. Installing smart carbon monoxide detectors is an effective way to protect your tenants in the event of a dangerous leak.

These smart home automation are valuable to you whether your property is occupied or you’re between tenants. Both types of these smart alarms are designed to be very sensitive. So, a fire or carbon monoxide leak is going to be detected early.

Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuum cleaners are readily available and simple to set up. This may not be an essential piece of technology in a rental home, but it definitely serves an important purpose.

Robot vacuum cleaners are a very useful option for short-term, furnished rentals. This high-tech device makes it easy for tenants to maintain clean floors. For you, a robot vacuum cleaner contributes to keeping the floors of your rental property in overall good condition. This can result in fewer carpet, hardwood, or other flooring replacements over time.


Google home on a marble counter.Phone-Based Electronic Assistants

When you think of phone-based electronic assistants, you probably envision Amazon’s Alexa or a Google Nest. The presence of these smart home automation is becoming a must-have for many tenants.

Whether it’s playing music, answering questions, or relaying reminders, a phone-based electronic assistant provides a variety of services. Some models can even detect unusual noises such as glass breaking or a rattling doorknob. The device sends you an email alert regarding strange noises so that you can take action. This lends yet another level of security to your property.

So, are you ready to boost the appeal and value of your property with smart home automation? Investing in smart technology for your rental property can benefit both you and your tenants. Contact Evergreen Investments today for first-rate real estate management services.

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